Welcome to my Creative Fountain

Welcome to my website. This is a work in progress. I hope you enjoy looking around here and that you will check back frequently for updates. There should be many over the months.

My interest in the internet began many years ago. Over the years, I have spent countless hours on the internet and have been amazed by how much is out there. Like with a good book, I want to read it all and see how it ends. With the internet, that is not an option. New things are being added and changed all the time.

A few years ago, my interest in the internet changed to include how it actually works. I became fascinated with the different designs. Shortly after I joined www.myspace.com, I changed the background for the first time. Immediately, I was hooked. I needed to know what all of the code meant. I found several websites that did a good job of explaining what things meant and then adjusted code I found to make it fit what I wanted. Suddenly I knew what I wanted to be when I grow up... a Web Designer. After a little investigating, I discovered Washtenaw Community College offers an Internet Professional Associates Degree program just a few miles from home. I applied to WCC and registered for my first class starting in September 2007, INP 150 - Web Coding I. I was a little nervous because I had been out of the classroom for SO many years. My instructor, Tim White, eased all of my fears the first day. A few weeks into the semester I knew I had made the right decision and finally found my niche. My final project for the class was to build a website on my own. My dad had a website but wanted to redesign it so we started from scratch and created GLPWoodworks.com. I finished the semester with a final score of 96% giving me the "A" I needed to encourage me to continue. I have since updated that website to improve it.

Second semester I was a little braver and took two classes. INP 152 - Web Graphics I & INP 170 - Web Coding II. During the Spring/Summer 2008 semester I am not taking any INP classes. I am taking an online GLG - 104 Weather class to meet the Natural Science requirement for my degree. This should allow me some time over the summer to do more with my site and with Dad's. I will continue with my courses and hope to obtain my Web Technology Certificate by Spring/Summer 2009. With a few additional semesters, I should be able to complete my Associates Degree.

With my Certificates and Degree, I plan to use the skills in my own consulting business. If you would like help with building your website, let me know.